A collection of unique and limited bracelets entirely crafted by hand in the Fratelli Piccini workshop in Ponte Vecchio, Florence, using precious stones and 18Kt gold.


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Cuore Gold Multistone Heart Cuff

5.800Price Before Tax

One-of-a-kind Cuore yellow and white gold cuffs with heart-shaped filled diamonds, sapphires and rubies Yellow gold 18KT Gr 16,35 White gold 18KT Gr 5,80 Diamonds 0,14ct Rubies 2,95ct Sapphires 0,12ct

Amore Gold Bangle

4.550Price Before Tax

Amore Gold Bangle

4.550Price Before Tax

One-of-a-kind Amore gold bangle in 18Kt yellow gold (31.70 gr)


Venere chain round enamel bracelet w/ diamonds

1.250Price Before Tax

One-of-a-kind 18-carat yellow gold Venere round bracelet with 0.04 ct white diamond, engraved and enamelled by hand. Its motif draws inspiration from the flowers depicted in The Birth Of Venus by Botticelli. The Bloom collection are tiny masterpieces inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Primavera. They express the creativity …

Torchon 24KT Gold and Platinum Link Bracelet

18.000Price Before Tax

One-of-a-kind 24KT yellow gold and platinum chain bracelets Total 69.30 gr

Onyx and Carnelian Woven Gold Bracelet

16.000Price Before Tax

One-of-a-kind bracelets set in 18KT yellow gold (77.15 gr) surrounded by onyx and carnelian stones in 22.25ct total