These small masterpieces are delicate, elegant forms and precious, fine details


Delicate, elegant forms and precious, fine details define this collection.


These small masterpieces are inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Primavera.


It is a timeless elegance. It is the silent attraction of classic beauty


Childhood memories of old piers overlooking Mediterranean islands inspired this collection.


Who’d be happy, let him be so: Nothing’s sure about tomorrow. – Lorenzo de’ Medici It is a burst of colors. Wear these rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants joyfully and casually every day


Spiders don’t tolerate imperfection: if a web is damaged, they don’t repair it. They destroy it and weave a new one. – Primo Levi 


This collection reproduces and reinterprets the skylines of the world’s great “Metropoli”


Eternalize your moments” with rings and wedding rings. The Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, David, and Palazzo Vecchio bequeath the spirit of craftsmanship


18K gold and precious stones give life to the collection which represents pure femininity. Sinuous and sensual shapes for women of character.

Tetti di Firenze

The “mystery of Florence roofs” is all about this: with the Dome they are like a “sacrament” that mirrors and conveys beauty, purity, and heavenly peace – G. La Pira The Iconic Collection of the Maison