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An heritage, an art that we have passed down from father to son for 4 generations.

Always artisan of the jewel, always custodians of class techniques, always faithful standard-bearers of an idea, a treasured philosophy: the jewel-like ornament, highest expression of the most intimate femininity.

A family history within the history of a city. A story of passion and success.

110 years which represent today that important legacy that results in a personal and recognizable style.

A style that distinguishes all our creations.

Facing the future, following and anticipating the styles and the fashion of the age, without ever losing its true nature, always relocating everything within our philosophy and our style.

Simply matchless.

Fratelli Piccini Ponte Vecchio Florence: famous jewelry stores

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The historical headquarter of Fratelli Piccini, since 1903 at the street number 21/23 r.

The place where the new collections of jewels take shape. The place where we manufacture gold, platinum and precious stones.

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