Fratelli Piccini & Philip Patek

Four generations of artisans who create jewels with their own philosophy: the jewel is first of all an ornament of the body, the greatest expression of what is feminine and intimate. The history of a family, the history of a beloved city, a history of great passion for our work. A Success Story.

111 years of history filled with events of all kinds: universal recognition at the Biennale di Venezia of 1936, surviving the Second World War and the bombs around the Ponte Vecchio , the International Diamond Award of 1952 in New York and 1958 in Buenos Aires, the flood of 1966 when the Arno river rose right into the shop, the retrospective exhibition of 1993 with the donation of 14 hand carved stones to the city of Florence, today housed into the Museum of Argenti at Pitti Palace, the restoration of the famous painting "La Carità" by Antonio del Pollaiolo in 2003, the exhibition of collectors' watches in the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio in 2013.

More than a century in which we have built that reputation that enabled us to acquire and consolidate privileged relationships with the best suppliers of rare precious stones worldwide. A firm that is in step with the times, constantly renewed yet strong in its identity. An identity recognized and appreciated all over the world. An identity of excellence and impeccable service to the Client.

A firm today under the leadership of Elisa Tozzi Piccini, graduated gemologist at the G.I.A. of Los Angeles who continues the family tradition in the wake of the experience, craftsmanship and creativity. Hancrafting the future.