High Jewelry

Fratelli Piccini High Jewelry

Eternal jewels handmade by our craftsmen, jealous guardians of class techniques, lead by the experience of four generations of jewellers. Today, as then. Unique jewels for the choice of materials and stones, for design and workmanship. Unique as the meaning they enclose: numbered and signed sketches, waxworks of customer's property, jewel ID. Fratelli Piccini One: a jewel, a collection.


Piccini ONE


Fratelli Piccini Jewelry

The essence, the jewels that best represent the Fratelli Piccini Brand. Elegant pret-à-porter hand-made jewels crafted like the jewels of Piccini One Collection. Each FI 225 jewel is made by expert hands with the most refined techniques of high jewellery. FI 225 is the signature which identifies and distinguishes Fratelli Piccini since 1903, it is the trademark stamped on each creation. FI 225: the essence of excellence.


Anita Dot Intrecci Lullaby Lulu Metropoli Snake Tetti di Firenze


Bridal Collection

A collection of handmade wedding rings realized by our master craftsmen on the third floor of the historic Fratelli Piccini atelier on the Ponte Vecchio.

A collection of jewels inspired by the most beautiful monuments of the city of Florence. Precious masterpieces, unconventional and intimate symbols of love.