The traveling collection of Patek Philippe timepieces, including the latest 2016 models, lighted up the suggestive yet decadent setting of the Stazione Leopolda.

Black & White with a touch of Red was the theme of the event, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Patek Philippe "generation" campaign. Generation, a word with a very special meaning for us, and that always unites us profoundly with the Swiss Maison.

A mix of strong and emotional contrasts, exclusively reserved to our wonderful Customers: the sophistication and elegance of the scenes, the decaying architecture of the historic Leopolda’s halls, the most significant images of Fratelli Piccini and Patek Philippe generations playing on a huge screen, the unique timepieces including the major complications, the notes of the piano player Bob Chisolm – guest star of the event – and, above all, lots of fun, lots of smiles.

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Leopolda in Red: the exclusive event dedicated to the Patek Philippe timepieces

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