The charity project Lulù per FILE has been presented to the press in the exclusive setting of the Fratelli Piccini atelier.

In presence of the deputy mayor of Florence Mrs. Cristina Giachi, the President of the Italian Foundation of Lenitherapy Mrs. Donatella Carmi Bartolozzi and the testimonial of the project, five young Florentine noblewomen who joined the project with enthusiasm, it took the press conference of the charity project conceived and realized by Fratelli Piccini.

To describe it, nothing could be better than the heartfelt words of Mrs. Giachi:

"An excellence of made in Florence, Fratelli Piccini, entered the field for a noble goal: supporting the assistance to cancer sufferers conducted for years, with passion and competence, by the Italian Foundation of Lenitherapy. A role model which combines the best tradition of craftsmanship and entrepreneurial of the city with the world of charity and volunteering. Fratelli Piccini and FILE point the way to replace indifference, coldness and cynicism with fundamental values such as responsibility, moral sensitivity, compassion, civic sense, altruism and sense of community. To create a time full of passion and humanity".

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December 2: press conference of Lulù per FILE charity project