Ponte Vecchio Florence

Ponte Vecchio, the most famous bridge in the world. A place able to combine art, history and romance like no other. Thousands of people cross it every day, just a few may visit it discovering its ancient secrets and captivating stories.

Rare are those people who have the privilege to experience it in absolute intimacy. Seldom times throughout the year we provide our Clients the chance to attend personal, bespoke experiences inside the bright world of our Maison and its very unique location, centrally located on Ponte Vecchio. Nestled between the Arno river and the Vasari corridor. Now open after 450 years.

Fratelli Piccini &
Executive Chef Peter Brunel

Fratelli Piccini and Executive Chef Peter Brunel

As with the Fratelli Piccini’s tradition in creating fine jewelry,
Peter Brunel, Executive chef at the Michelin star Borgo San Jacopo restaurant, part of Lungarno Collection, is committed in achieving excellence by using the finest ingredients enhanced with innovative twists,
creating gourmet dishes surprising all the senses.

Savour the freshness and utter quality of the produce and ingredients handselected by the chef himself, before being skillfully prepared and presented in inventive ways.

Fratelli Piccini and Lungarno Collection, come together and offer the possibility to experience artistry and craftsmanship in all its forms, captivating all the senses and creating long lasting memories.

Fratelli Piccini &
Portrait Firenze

Fratelli Piccini and Portrait Firenze

Heritage, craftsmanship and customization are a few simple words that best describe the philosophy common to the Fratelli Piccini and the Lungarno Collection’s Portrait Firenze, owned by the Ferragamo family.

The jewelry atelier and luxury hotel, both with a strong family history and close tie to Florence, continue to pass on from generation to generation their tradition in offering made to measure products and experiences.

As the Fratelli Piccini creates handcrafted jewellery designed for individual tastes and pleasures, the Portrait Firenze distinguishes itself from a traditional deluxe hotel experience by personalizing its service and suites in every detail.

Together the Portrait Firenze and Fratelli Piccini are committed to offer each guest an authentic new way of discovering Florence.